See Goodwood's winner's enclosure turned into a dancefloor in just over a minute

MK at Goodwood / Picture by Jayson Fong
MK at Goodwood / Picture by Jayson Fong

The team in charge of getting Goodwood's winner's enclosure ready for hundreds of dancing feet are well-versed in how to do it these days.

They're in their ninth year of making sure the area is quickly transformed so that as soon as the horses and racing staff have got out of the way after the evening's final race, the grass is covered with its temporary surface in no time.

Generally the final race is around 8.30pm and the DJs hit the decks an hour later, which doesn't give them long.

So here - albeit in a speeded-up video (eight times faster than real time) is how it's done. You can't fail to be impressed.

This year's 3FN series has been a big success - appearances by MK and Gorgon City have both been sell-outs and the same goes for this Friday's final event, starring Disciples.

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