RDA celebrates 30 years

THE Kingley Vale Group of the Riding for the Disabled has just celebrating 30 years of teaching horse riding to pupils at St Anthony’s Special School in Chichester.

The group was started in 1981 by Anna Mallam, Jeanette Crane, Fiona Lunch and their friends, encouraged by the school’s then head teacher, Monica Edwards.

They now teach all the junior pupils on a rota basis, using this to support the National Curriculum which often forms the basis of literacy and numeracy class work.

Pat John most generously lets the group use her Indoor Riding School and fields in East Ashling, giving the group an ideal and safe place to teach and ride. She also let them use some of her ponies, other ponies are loaned and sponsored by friends.

“We have a wonderful team of helpers, who are not deterred by rain, snow and heat to join us nearly every week.

“We are very grateful to them for fitting us into their very busy lives, but we all gain great pleasure in watching the youngsters increase their confidence, balance, co-ordination and enjoyment,” said Jeanette and Anna, who are still enthusiastic about their sessions with pupils.

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