Participation in racketball at Weald has been taking off

Racketball tournament participants
Racketball tournament participants
  • Player coming from the cold and wet to try warmer environment
  • Fast and furious games on the court
  • Experienced players Joe and Tom make the final

Over the winter months, participation in racketball at Weald has been taking off with tennis players coming in from the cold and wet to try the warmer environment of the squash courts.

Taking on the challenge of being enclosed by walls and doing a lot more running, they were some of the first entrants for the Racketball Tournament.

With a capacity 16 entrants from both tennis and squash disciplines there were fast and furious games on court, coupled with the frustrations of finding that winning shot against players who seemed to be able to run forever. As the evening progressed it became clear that some players thought to be ‘new’ to the sport had played to high levels in the past, finding the better length and width shots to edge ahead of more ‘established’ players.

In the semi-finals it was the runners and the experienced racketball players that came through, evenly split between Joe Mack and Pete Berry from squash and Rory Darkins and Tom Payne from tennis, with the most experienced players, Joe and Tom going through to the final. Joe’s deceptively sloth-like movement around the court covered Tom’s precise shots, catching Tom out of position to win overall, finishing a fantastic night that drew in the spectators and confirmed that this is a club sport for everyone at Weald.