Netball World Championships vibe can rub off on Chichester League

Chichester Netball League begins again tonight
Chichester Netball League begins again tonight

Following the wonderful Netball World Championships in Liverpool, local teams are ready for the off in the Chichester Winter League.

The league began in summer 2015 with eight local teams playing at the University of Chichester Dome, where there are three inside courts.

The league neatly fills the geographical netball ‘gap’ as previously the nearest leagues were at Worthing and Portsmouth.

The Chichester League is run in two divisions so that players compete at different levels and play each team in their division twice. And the good news is that the league has grown, engendering results with the enthusiasm felt by those who set up the league, so this year there will be 16 teams, with possibly others joining later.

The league is keen to promote officiating skills, too, mentoring umpires to help raise their standard and skills, initially for a pass at the C grade level. Sussex county and England Netball support the league and this year we have several new C grade umpires.

Likewise, scorers are an important part of the officiating; players do the match scoring. The new league will start next Thursday (September 19) in the Dome and the Bishop Luffa Courts at 7.30pm and continue through to 2020.

If you’re interested in playing, look at the league website to find the local clubs and the contact details.

Clubs and teams are based in Chichester and to the north and south, ranging from Midhurst to Selsey.