Monty Roberts tour is coming to West Sussex


MONTY Roberts, the renowned horseman, is back in this country - and his February 2012 tour comes to the heart of West Sussex, to the Royal Leisure Centre, near Henfield.

If you have a problem horse which you think Monty might be able to help, there is a chance you could both be picked for his evening session.

Monty and his Intelligent Horsemanship team visits the Royal Leisure Centre on Friday February 17, as one of his three dates across the south of England. He is ready to inspire with his kind but effective methods for dealing with whatever issues are presented to him at the demonstrations.

Working alongside Monty will be his UK representative Kelly Marks. At the Henfield centre they will be helping local horses with problems such as napping, spooking, refusing to load, or just showing how to handle a nice young horse ready for its first rider and saddle.

‘From My Hands to Yours’ - the title of his 2012 tour - you can also learn how to produce your own perfect equine partner.

Monty will be sharing his secrets and vast experience of how to create a safe, light and willing horse.

He has helped countless leisure and professional riders alike, in various disciplines from Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping to Racing. Why not find out for yourself how he can help YOU improve your performance and relationship with your horse, both in and out of the saddle?

Tickets are available online at or call 01488 71300.

AND if you have a horse that you think Monty might be able to help, please call the Intelligent Horsemanship office on 01488 71300 for the chance to be selected.