Middleton club unveil tennis courts which are a UK first

The new courts being put to good use
The new courts being put to good use

The new artificial clay tennis courts at Middleton Sports Club are the first of their kind in the UK.

After extensive research, including a trip to Sweden, it was agreed MSC would invest in two ‘Top Sand’ artificial clay courts.

They are actually sand based, but the difference with these courts as against those already installed in the UK is that a carpet membrane provides the base instead of artificial grass and the sand is much finer.

The mix between the fine sand granules and the carpet membrane tries to replicate the speed and bounce of a natural clay court surface. Former world number ten Magnus Gustafasson, a clay court specialist in the 90s who was instrumental with their design, believes they play between 65 and 70 per cent like a natural clay court.

Some 88 of the world’s top 100 players have grown up practising on a clay surface, which is slower than a hard court and by its nature means that rallies are longer and technique can be finely tuned. This is extremely attractive to club coaches as it helps develop junior players teaching them to construct points.

Being softer under foot also helps reduce the risk of injury especially to the knees and back and the reduced stress will help all players play Tennis into their later years.

The additional of the new courts have provided an extra dimension to tennis at Middleton Sports Club. For more information call 01243 583157 or email info@middletonsportsclub.co.uk