Maiz Dulce have no need to hold on for the Holden

The Holden White Cup presentations / Picture by Mark Beaumont
The Holden White Cup presentations / Picture by Mark Beaumont

Ten teams entered the 2019 Holden White Cup at Cowdray Park, with Peter Barfoot’s Maiz Dulce reaching the final to face Wilf Fine’s Sea Breeze.

Playing at No1 instead of an injured Millie Barfoot for Maiz Dulce was Marcus Speed (no goals), with Will Harper (two goals) at two, John Martin (two goals) at No3 and Pedro Harrison (four goals) at back.

Fine (no goals) took the No1 position for his side, Angus Rowan Hamilton (one goal) played at two, Nick Clague (three goals) at three and Henry Fisher (four goals) at back.

A lovely flick through the posts from Harrison gave Maiz Dulce their first goal. He failed to capitalise from a 60 yard penalty, but the side continued to show great teamwork. Nick Clague scored for Sea Breeze before the chukka ended.

Chukka two brought a trio of goals from Maiz Dulce’s John Martin before Henry Fisher’s hard work was rewarded and he could add a goal to Sea Breeze’s scoreline. Clague battled to increase it further but Martin turned the ball and raced off, lofting a big shot between the posts for his fourth goal of the chukka and 5-2 on the scoreboard for Maiz Dulce.

In the second half Harrison continued to play strongly but Martin again marked the scoreboard for Maiz Dulce. Fisher won the ball from the throw-in, Clague picked it up but was fouled and a 40-yard penalty enabled Fisher to pull a goal back for Sea Breeze before shortly sending another one through to secure just a two goal gap.

Harrison soon made it 7-4 to Maiz Dulce. However, a lovely shot from Henry Fisher was picked up by Wilf Fine and the young patron scored just as the chukka came to a close.

The fourth chukka brought plenty of effort from Sea Breeze, much of it spoiled by an ever-active Harper who was finally rewarded with a goal and a score of 8-5. Another attempt at goal by Clague failed as he was squeezed by Harper, Harrison came away with the ball and scored a lovely goal to take Maiz Dulce into a 9-5 lead, the whistle blowing as yet another ball went between the posts a fraction too late.

Jenai Clague presented the Holden White Cup and prizes to all players. MVP was Maiz Dulce’s Martin, his prize sponsored by Le Chameau, and the Best Playing Pony award sponsored by Schweppes went to Neptune owned and played by Harrison.