Knockout nights are back for Bognor darts players

Division-two singles winner Conner O'Hara and runner-up Simon Edwards
Division-two singles winner Conner O'Hara and runner-up Simon Edwards

THE KNOCKOUTS are under way for players in the Bognor Friday Night Benevolent League.

Divisional singles knockouts at Newtown Social Club brought an excellent turnout from both divisions.

Some 34 players took to the oche from division one.

The first semi-final saw Mark Sheppard (Hunston Club) beat Stuart Rose (Newtown SC A).

The second saw Gary Miller (POW Z) go out to team-mate Lee Franklin.

The final started with Franklin in a rut, but winning the first leg with double six.

In the second leg Sheppard started with 85 and 100 but Franklin found double top to take the title.

Division two saw 26 players take part.

The first semi-final saw in-form Conner O’Hara (Chi Snooker A) beat Dave Wingate (Friary D). In the second, Julie English (Friary C) lost out in a marathon match to Simon Edwards (Aldwick Legion ‘B’).

The division-two final saw a close start but the first leg was finished by O’Hara hitting his double after ten misses.

The second leg saw both players struggle to find their foot on the oche but eventually O’Hara hit his double to become champion in his first year in the league.

Results (catch-up matches): Div 1 - Chi Snooker C 13 Newtown SC A 7; Div 2 - Chi Snooker A 17 ASC 5; Aldwick Legion A 7 Aldwick Legion B 13.

Other stats - Div 1 - Player of match - Keith Robinson (Chi Snooker ‘C’) 22 & 27 darts [20.45 av]; Tony Hardham (Chi Snooker ‘C’) 23 & 26 darts [20.45 av]. High out shots - Tom Spencer (Chi Snooker ‘C’) 78. Div 2 - player of match - Tom O’Sullivan (Aldwick Legion ‘B’) 20 & 24 darts [22.09 av]; Peter Atkins (Chi Snooker ‘A’) 22 & 30 darts [19.27 av]. High out shots - Tom O’Sullivan (Aldwick Legion ‘B’) 116.

Tuesday Double In Double Out League

Week 21’s best game was from Gary Blackwood (POW Bognor) with 15 and 26 darts and a 24.44 average.

Results - Div 1 - Chi Snooker Club 10 Jacks Jokers 11; Cabin 4 QE2 ‘A’ 16; Neptune 8 POW Bognor 14. Div 2 - Friary 7 BRSA Ravens 15; Richmond Raiders 13 Richmond ‘A’ 8; Wheatsheaf 8 Lamb Steyne 13.

Other stats - Gary Blackwood (POW Bognor) 15 & 26 darts [24.44 av]; Keith Robinson (Chi Snooker Club) 22 & 34 darts [16.84 av]; Rob Palmer (Cabin) 23 & 26 darts [20.45 av]. 180s - Rob Palmer (Cabin); Cliff Prior (POW Bognor); Gary Blackwood (POW Bognor); Lee Franklin (POW Bognor); Phil Hayers (Neptune); Darren Baldwin (Neptune). High in shots - Cliff Prior (POW Bognor) 160; Gary Miller (POW Bognor) 160; Andy Cooper (Cabin) 120; Dave Owens (QE2 ‘A’) 112; Bob Holmes (Cabin) 104. High out shots - Gary Blackwood (POW Bognor) 132; Phil Hayers (Neptune) 113; Nathan Warren (POW Bognor) 102. Whitewash legs - Pete Butcher (Cabin) whitewashed in 36 darts by Derrick Longhurst (QE2 ‘A’). Div 2 - player of match - Karen Winter (Richmond Raiders) 19 & 37 darts [17.89 av]; Wayne Wadsworth (Wheatsheaf) 21 & 31 darts [19.27 av]; Mark H Todd (BRSA Ravens) 28 & 33 darts [16.43 av]. High in shots - Dave Bourne (Richmond ‘A’) 112; Andy Chant (BRSA Ravens) 101; Bradley Marshall (BRSA Ravens) 100. High out shots - Bradley Marshall (BRSA Ravens) 103.