Jockey Charlotte set for first race abroad

Charlotte Jenner
Charlotte Jenner

JOCKEY Charlotte Jenner will ride abroad for the first time next month when she competes in the European Association of Racing Schools Championships in Hanover, Germany.

Jenner, from Lancing, will compete for the British Racing School in the event and will have two races in the competition.

The British Racing School apprentice is looking forward to riding on foreign soil and said: “It’s going to be my first time riding outside of the UK and, hopefully, this will be the first of many for me.

“I am very much looking forward to it. It’s a real honour to be called into the squad and I hope to do well in my rides.”

Jenner will compete in Hanover on September 21 before returning back to her Racing School in Newmarket.

The Lancing-born jockey is currently on an apprenticeship with the British Racing School and 2013 proved to be a successful year for her.

She added: “Last year, I rode nine winners so it was really good. My best win had to be in a two-mile handicap race when I was riding Bert The Alert, which is owned by Laura Mongan.

“The horse had not won in a few years but she finished well and I managed to get the win.”

In her career so far, Jenner has ridden 11 winners but is still 84 wins off the 95 mark needed to make it into the professional ranks.

She said: “I am currently on 11 winners and to reach the five-pound category I need to ride 20 winners.

“After that, you need to ride 50 winners to reach the three-pound category and then to become a professional you need to have 95 race wins under your belt.”

Jenner’s ultimate aim is to one day become a professional jockey and she is encouraged by the growing number of women jockeys getting involved with the sport.

She said: “My aim is definitely one day to make it pro. Being a girl could make that harder but I think things are changing now.

“When I first started out, there were hardly any women jockeys.

“But now there are a number of really promising and established riders who are female.

“You have Hayley Williams and lots of others who are really talented and that will help more girls want to get involved.

“Some days in the winning room there are quite a few women, which is good.

“It’s nice that it is getting more equal and there are more women becoming involved with horse racing.”