Hot shot 8 from Wealden rink

Wealden BC:A hot shot is a fairly unusual occurrence but in their friendly game against Mote Park, the Wealden rink of Roland Bunney, Mary Smith, David Horsborough and Jonathan Couper achieved this rare feat when they were trailing their opponents by six shots.

Their maximum score of eight shots put them ahead for the first time in the match and from then on they held on to run out 26-20 winners.

Wealden’s other winning rinks included the four skipped by Dave Brooks, who completely outbowled the opposition to win 27-10, and the team led by Ray Fletcher who pipped the visitors by four shots over the closing ends.

There was also a last-gasp one shot win for Alex Swindlehurst and his four but heavy defeats on the other two rinks gave Mote Park the match by 127 shots to 119.

Wealden 98 Adur 132

Jonathan Couper 13, B Marler 24; Derek Heather 6, J Smyth 34; Tom Palmer 22, D Whiter 9; Robert May 15, J Hide 32; Dave Brooks 26, S Miller 16; John Dellar 16, B Ward 17.

Wealden 119 Mote Park 127

Jonathan Couper 26, B Gilbert 20; Dave Brooks 27, T Clifton 10; Frank Wellbelove 11, D Lock 36; Ray Fletcher 18, M Musson 14; Tony Plater 19, D Warner 30; Alex Swindlehurst 18, J Oliver 17.