Hickstead’s App

HOT on the heels of a new website, Hickstead has launched its first ever app. Determined to try and stay up to date with all the amazing new technology available, it is confident that the App will be the must have accessory for all Hickstead enthusiasts this season.

Packed to the brim with great features, it will not only help find a favourite shop, it will also be extremely useful for competitors, as it will provide live updates and results. It may even become the busy grooms’ new best friends, as the live updates will reduce the amount of running around to different rings checking on class timings.

And for those of you enjoying a more leisurely day out at Hickstead, you will find full details of all of restaurants and bars and the perfect spot before even arriving at the showground.

Will it be wellies or wedges? Finally, the decision can be made before leaving home, with a live local Hickstead weather broadcast right from your app. There’s even an in-built map that gives you traffic updates and directions straight to Hickstead’s door.

Hickstead will be running regular app related prize giveaways, with some fabulous things up for grabs, as well as a facebook photo competition.

There is even a special Augmented Reality section where you can simply use your phone camera to detect where you are on the showground and, hey presto, directions and useful information will pop up on the interactive map.

For more equestrian news, see Sussex Horse World, West Sussex Gazette, June 22