Hawth Gymnastics Club impress in high standard competitions

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GYMNASTICS: Hawth Gymnastics Club micro teams came away jubilant after competing in Bracknell.

Head coach Sally-Anne Warner praised: “This is a great time for Hawth Gymnastics with all our squads competing so well in very high standard competitions.”

The Regional 1 Girls performed well for their gold medal.

The Regional 2 Boys put out an awesome tumble routine but problems in trampette left them in 2nd place.

National 1 Boys performed new big skills on both tumble and trampette and brought home the gold.

In the afternoon session it was the turn of the Regional Primary Teams.

The Hawth Hobbits (R3 Girls) went almost clean on tumble and trampette and performed one of the highest scoring floor routines of the session, they finished third in a very competitive group of 9. In the Regional 3 Boys competition the Hawth Horrors performed a tidy trampette and well timed floor, unfortunately a few issues on tumble left them just 0.5 away from the gold and they were awarded the silver.

During Saturday evening’s session the Hawth Hunnies (Regional 2 Girls) were the sixth and final team to do Hawth proud.

Despite losing a team member to illness earlier this week (Get well soon, Phoebe!) the girls went clean on trampette, did well on tumble and performed their floor nicely despite the last minute shape changes.

The girls finished third at the end of a very long day. Sunday The National Qualifying day, was a day of close shaves and near misses!

In the Primary Girls competition Hyper Hawth performed with very few mistakes on all pieces and looked very tidy, especially on trampette where they gained the highest score of the session. They finished in second place, but were only 0.06 away from the gold!

Their final score of 41.70 sees them vthrough to the National Finals in May.

When it was the turn of the Primary Boys to try for qualification the Hawth Heroes had a mixed day.

Their floor routine was much improved from previous competitions and gained a personal best score, trampette was also clean but a few problems on vault and tumble left them in second place with a score of 34.90.

The boys were so close in fact that they have been invited to the finals and will represent Hawth alongside the girls in May.

In the afternoon the Junior Girls took to the arena. After costly mistakes on both tumble and trampette, they refused to give up and went out and performed their highest scoring floor routine ever. They qualified with 40.00, dead meaning they will join the other teams at the finals on May 25.