Harlequins to pass on rugby skills to Chichester youngsters

Fun for young rugby players at Harlequins camps
Fun for young rugby players at Harlequins camps

Leading Premiership Rugby club Harlequins is giving children in Chichester the chance to embrace the dirt in the summer holidays at one of its Community Rugby Camps this week.

Hosted at Chichester RFC from Thursday (July 25), the two-day camp is open to boys and girls aged six to 14, regardless of whether they’re new to rugby or a seasoned player.

A similar camp will be held at Bognor RFC on August 29 and 30.

The camps offer a safe and inclusive environment for children to improve their knowledge of rugby, develop new skills, form friendships and build confidence on and off the pitch.

Children at the camp can expect a mix of small-sided games and technical coaching, all with a game-based approach to make them feel part of a team. All content of the camp is created in collaboration with the Harlequins Academy, ensuring sessions are tailored for the specific needs of the age group.

What’s more, all attending children will have the opportunity to come to a Harlequins men’s training session at The Stoop during the 2019/20 season and meet the first-team players.

Here’s five reasons why children in Chichester should be encouraged to try rugby this summer, from Harlequins Community Camps Co-ordinator, Rob Gould:

Rugby is a game for EVERYONE

No matter who you are; where you’re from; whether you’re slow or fast; big or small; male or female - there is a place on the rugby field for you. It’s a sport where everyone has a role and a way of contributing to the team and no position is more valuable than the other.

You can become a Harlequins Hero

One lucky child at the camp will be chosen as the local Harlequins Hero. All 32 camps hosted across the South and South East throughout the Summer will have Harlequins coaches on the lookout for the child that plays the game with the best spirit and most passion and endeavour. The winner will be entered into a grand prize draw alongside the winners from the other camps to win a once-in-a-lifetime Harlequins VIP experience.

Playing rugby builds confidence

Rugby is a sport where everyone has a role, so players feel they belong in the game and allows them to develop into the best person that they can be. This is central to building confidence and translates into life off the pitch too.

The skills you learn on the pitch, translate to the classroom

Getting involved in rugby and embracing the dirt this summer can positively impact your child’s studies. Learning a new sport sharpens their concentration and mental awareness, both key to getting better marks at school.

Rugby IS safe

Though rugby can be an intense, physical sport at elite level, Harlequins ensure they teach children the game in the safest possible manner and that’s why all of their coaches are at least RFU Level 2 qualified. With this safe and secure environment, children can get the most out of the coaching drills and become the best players possible.

The camps are run in partnership with Persil, Harlequins’ Official Community Partner, who are looking to enable four million experiences for everyone to get outside and embrace dirt in the great outdoors.

To find out more about the Harlequins Community Camps or to book a place, click here