Derby delight for Bognor trampoline team

Dragonflyers at Derby
Dragonflyers at Derby

Bognor’s Dragonflyers Trampolining Club battled the Derbyshire floods to participate in the last National League finals of 2019.

For head coach Linda O’Leary this is her 19th year of getting performers to various national finals, 17 of those with Dragonflyers.

The club have coached many national and international medalists. For a small term time club they have exceeded all expectations thanks to the commitment and dedication of their trampolinists and coaching team.

This year has seen performers competing at the very top level, travelling thousands of miles, challenging Britain’s top clubs reaching regional team, league and national development finals, plus English championships.

Lucy Hijmans, Libby Morton, Rosie Budge and Zoe Maskell finished the national season in Derby having qualified through three events.

Results: Hijmans 11th, Morton 13th, age 15-16 yrs level 2; Budge 15th age 13-14yrs, level 2; Maskell 22nd, age 13-14 yrs level 3 (remarkable achievement in her first year at national level raising her difficulty from 3.8 to 6.5 in six months); Hijmans and Morton, 8th in mixed synchro 15-18 yrs (phenomenal as both girls have shown courage, determination, dedication and passion, both have had stints in hospital this year and battled major health issues unrelated to trampolining).

Dragonflyers are so proud of all their performers and the incredible season they have experienced and are excited about 2020.

Are you interested in joining dragonflyers? For more information look on their website.