Crawley Boxing Club duo deliver the goods in first home show of the new decade

Sulman Mirza
Sulman Mirza

Harry Parsons and Sulman Mirza were the big winners as Crawley Boxing Club staged their first show of the new year on Sunday.

Both Parsons and Mirza thrilled the fight fans with their all-action skills which earned them well deserved points wins.

Parsons was Crawley’s first winner of the day when he produced three rounds of top quality boxing to beat Philip Kitson of the Hillcrest (Newhaven) Boxing Club.

Kitson was forced on the back foot by the non-stop two-fisted attacks of Parsons, but to his credit he never stopped fighting back.

Referee John Farmery gave the Newhaven-based boxer several warnings for infringing the rules, but nothing was to deter Parsons from a victory which had the large crowd roaring their appreciation at a fantastic display of amateur boxing.

Southern counties champion Mirza was forced to work hard for his points win over Canterbury’s Liam Forsdyke.

Forsdyke certainly looked the worse off of the two boxers, his nose a crimson mess as Mirza’s two-handed attacks did the damage.

Mirza didn’t have things all his own way, though, as Forsdyke showed a tremendous heart by standing toe-to-toe and trading big shots.

A narrow points decision in favour of Mirza was just reward for the skill and effort afforded by the Crawley boxer.

Little Alf Amir made his debut in Crawley colours in a skills contest with Chalvedon’s Jake Saker.

Fellow club members Aiden Cummings and Harry Mirza were both beaten in their home show.

Crawley stage their next big show on Sunday, February 9 at the Goffs Park Social Club (Crawley).

Full details will appear exclusively in next week’s (January 22) edition of the Crawley Observer.