Coombelands Horse Trials attracts a top class entry

C0OMBELANDS Horse Trials at Pulborough took place over three days this month, attracting a quality entry of more than 450 riders, including Badminton winner William Fox Pitt.

He competed with several horses, and took the Novice Section 1 with an impressive performance on board Machu Piccnu II. Gemma Tattersall won the Open Novice class riding Chico Bella P.

Organised annually by Gaye Harwood, the classes were Novice, including Open Novice, and BE 100 including BE 100 Open as well as BE 90 and BE 80 (Training).

Results (first four in each class):

BE 80 (Training) - Section F- 1 Archie Cowe and Mr Bosco; 2 Janey Hurran and Forever Sweet Dreams; 3 Daniel Tenchio and Spring Bridge; 4 Kirsty Moon and Buloari. BE80 Section 6 - 1 Stacey Clarkson and Bronze Medallion; 2 Louise Garrison and Fernhill Optimism; 3 Alison Judge and Mersey Belanna; 4 Sophie Duke and Gone Cuckoo.

BE90 Section A - 1 Natalie Hudson and Liberation II; 2 Clementine Scupp and Opposition Hora; 2 Katie Cox and Little Gunner; 4 Theresa Knott and Rumex II.

BE Section B - 1 Edna Kay Potter and Isaacs Spectrum; 2 Heather Foss and Erins Skye; 3 Alison Jones and Malshynack Bore Hai; 4 Natalie Wen man and Carrowkeel Boy.

BE90 Section C - 1 Victoria Morgan and Grom; 2 Helen Jackson and Brian Los Caracoles; 3 Kate Welch and Silver Shadow V; 4, Rathsallag Royale and Chloe Mariani.

BE Section D - 1 Alexis Ross and Moon Dancer; 2 Alysia Poret and Bunny’s Boy; 3 Mia Watts and Headley’s Molly; 4 Susannah Givons and Starlight Express.

BE Section N - 1 Susan Eggleton and Nachtigall; 2 Aileen Tizzard and Paudary’s Chumba Wumba; 3 Tom Lane and Smarago; 4 Sophie Ewen and Star of Destiny.

BE100, Section E - 1 Katie Carrs and Puissance Skys; 2 Gemma Tattersall and Chequila; 3 Gemma Tattersall and Quicklock V; 4 Bryony Holloway and Bellisimo II.

Section L - 1 Molly Key and Chabli D’Or; 2 Fiona Lewis and Lady Ballina; 3 Alex Wyatt and Periquito E; 4 Lucy Gaston and Smart Colours.

BE 100 Open - 1 Becky Morrish and Kilsallagh Cathal; 2 Ella Lloyd Jones and Right Hand Man; 3 Robert Martin and Chester; 4 Alyson Parker and Moloro.

Section M - 1 Ben Leathers and Valentijn M; 2 Claudia Thornett and Jubilee Sandpiper; 3 Rohan Ladley-Moon and Hallmark VI; 4, Karley Hubbard and Sadlers Symphony.

Novice Section 1 - 1, William Fox-Pitt and Machu Piccnu II; 2 Laura Geary and Dinero; 3 Jonathan Page and Winston; 4 Andrew James and Loriens High and Mighty.

Novice Section H - 1 Natalie McGoldrich and Goodnight Girl; 2 Gemma Tattersall and Red Curran; 3 Ken Spencer and Litchfield Perdita; 4 Brook Staples and Bauza 2.

Novice Section J - Jonathan Paget and Cliftan Cognac; 2 Charlotte Mount and What A Treasure; 3 Sara Pickard and Polo Striker; 4 Brockley Star and Sam Penn.

Open Novice Section K - 1 Gemma Tattersall and Chico Bella P; 2 Jill Bazeley and Slinky Malinki II; 3 Alycia Port and Classic Decision II; 4 Jonelle Richards and Aloha.

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