Chichester make top-club progress ... Southbourne get better of West Dean

It's been a busy time on local greens
It's been a busy time on local greens

We have reports from Chichester, Southbourne, Bognor, Pagham, Middleton, Fishbourne, Crablands, Midhurst and Arun in our latest bowls round-up.


Chichester 91 Witterings 39

At home to Witterings in the second round of the Sussex Top Club, Chichester won on all four disciplines and will now play The Drive at home in the third round.

Scores: Singles: Debbie Hogg won 21-2; Pairs: Chris Hobbs & Betty Spicer won 30-8; Triples: Mercedes Neilson, Bridget Collins & Denise Latter won 21-17; Fours: Lis Campling, Steph Baverstock, Wendy Adams & Sue Miles won 19-12.

Chichester 41 Norfolk 55

Chichester played three rinks of triples in a friendly at Norfolk, winning on just one rink.

Scores: Lis Campling, Bridget Collins & Sue Miles won 19-14; Heather Farmer, Mercedes Neilson & Denise Latter lost 9-19; Frances Downing, Mary Potter & Wendy Adams lost 13-22.

Bridget Collins, Jean Hole, Sue Miles and Denise Latter travelled to Felbridge to play their first game in the Gladys Rowland Trophy, winning by 18 shots to go through to the next round.

Chichester B 98 Middleton 61

Chichester B were ahead from the start of their West Sussex League division three match at home to Middleton and with wins on three rinks they took eight points from their 37-shot victory.

Scores: Jim Neilson, Les Shipp, Mike Lewis, Peter White (skip) lost 23-19; Tony Daines, John Williams, Peter Merritt, Chris Wade (skip) won 30-13; Paul Chivers, Chas Campling, Terry Wiseman, Mike Bayfield (skip) won 27-16; John Walters, Stuart Wilson, Duncan Gray, Michael Hannant (skip) won 22-9.

Tarring Priory 78 Chichester A 73

Chichester A visited Tarring Priory in the West Sussex League division one and in a close game, despite losing by five shots, Chichester returned with six points with wins on three rinks.

Scores: Ian Linfield, Terry Wiseman, Brian Butler, Nick Anderson (skip) won 24-17; Peter Whale, Colin Spicer, Brian Talmage, Mick Page (skip) won 21-18; Mick Campbell, Peter Howick, Peter Green, Matt Bonnar (skip) lost 28-7; Glyn Ball, Les Etherington, Kevin Ball, Tony Sayers (skip) won 21-15.

Chichester B 43 Ringmer 2

Chichester B were drawn at home to Ringmer in the first round of the Edward Rowland Trophy. Ringmer were unable to cope with Chichester’s fast green and conceded the game after 14 ends.

Scores: Peter Whale, Mick Campbell, Kevin Ball, Tony Sayers (skip) won 43-2.

It's all square in Surrey for ladies

Southbourne 60 West Dean 40

In their home friendly against West Dean, Southbourne achieved wins on all three triples. In an enjoyable game of bowls the evening concluded with a supper provided by the Southbourne team.

Scores: Joan Frost, Len Mates, Alan Williams (s) beat Pam Patterson, Roger Loten, Ian Morrison [s] 22:14; John Staker, Graham Wilson, Peter Garrard (s) beat Pam Sharrod, Ann Hiscock, Phil Muggeridge [s] 17:13; Malcolm Keane, Tony Budgen, Jim Jennings (s) beat Andy Wood, John Butterworth, Tony Boxall [s] 21:13.

Norfolk 78 Southbourne 57

Southbourne met Norfolk in a return WS League match. In a friendly encounter Norfolk were pleased to get partial retaliation for their defeat on all four rinks the previous week. Southbourne only won on one of the four rinks bowled to take two of the ten points awarded.

Scores: Ted Badger, Peter Garrard, Dave Young, Pete Jasinski, (s) lost 20:12; Richard Galloway, Titch Ayres, Dave Alner, Mark Soper (s) lost 24:14; Dave Walter, Eddie Neuts, Dave Fewell, Gary Wyatt (s) won 22:13; Paul Simpson, Alan Williams, Andy Smith, Antony Bull (s) lost 21:9.


Bognor 44 Fishbourne 30

Bognor had a good win over Fishbourne in the BM Triples League. Bognor won the friendly 26-12.

Scores: T Tack, G Stevens, C Dunham beat P Winton, T Bleach, C Holt 20-18: J Gibson, R Robinson, L Hall beat M Beale, A Saunders, K Palin 24-12. Bognor 6pts. Friendly: R Osment, L Saunders, R Philpott beat A Mansa, C Martin, G Terel.

Bognor B 60 Bognor A 96

In division two of the West Sussex League, Bognor A got the better of their clubmates.

Bognor A took eight points to Bognor B’s two.

Scores (B team first): N Short, N Burchfell, T Rextrew and skip John Blacow lost 26-10 to D Jackson, B Hey, J Keers and skip N Hatfield; B Stabler, G Dunham,K Graham and skip P Hasler beat D Parker,G Jones, M Edgecock and skip R Gardner 19-15; J Dyke, F Biggs, S Webster and skip T Gaskin

lost 30-13 to P Lichfield, N Waddock, A Richardson and skip T Tack; G Cook, M Bird, G Kendall and skip L Hall lost 25-18 to M Conolly, G Stevens, J Whifield and skip R Robinson.

Bognor 99 Sussex Vice-Patrons 121

On a fine day at Waterloo Square the annual fixture versus the VPs was played in a jovial atmosphere and was fairly even. The final score was a win for the VPs by three rinks to two and by 22 shots.

Bognor ladies played two Game Set & Match League division one games.

Against last year’s champions Worthing Pavilion, they won on one rink and lost overall by five shots, scoring two points.

Scores: Louise Saunders, Marion Keers, Penny Jones and Margaret Phillips lost 16-22; Lyn Carthew, Jo Adfield, Christine Dunham, Janet Whitfield won 20-19.

Against newly-promoted Storrington, they won on both rinks by 15 shots, scoring all six points.

Scores: Lyn Carthew, Christine Dunham, Janet Whitfield and Jenny Gibson won 24-21; Louise Saunders, Penny Jones, Anne Parry and Margaret Phillips won 29-17.


Middleton started its ‘umbrella’ competition, an internal club contest held weekly through the season. The competition has been running at Middleton for as long as any member can remember and it is a well attended fun event.

On a wonderful sunny afternoon for lawn bowls, Middleton played their first WS League home match against Petworth and won on all four rinks. achieving maximum match points.


Two mixed Pagham triples faced Beavers and won 23-19.

Scores: D Ellis, A Calvert, B Calvert lost 7-12; H Dear, M Andani ,J Robini won 16-7.

In a men’s four-rink friendly v EastPreston, Pagham lost 86-59.

Scores: P Langridge, N Terry, D Vaughan, R Hilder lost 12-16; D Westcott, D Marsh, J Burke, J Fox lost 14-28; T Plows, M Adams, K Ruffell, K Robini won 27-14; D Cripp, M Andani, P Burrell, R Pearson lost 16-18.

Two mixed Pagham triples got the better of RAFA 49-18.

Scores: N Terry, C Mayoss, P Mayoss won 32-6; M Andani, P Burrell, E Shine won 17-13.


Fishbourne Bowling Club have had mixed results in recent matches.

In the Brooks Motors mixed triples league a match against Bognor resulted in a 43-31 loss and no points. The match against Aldingbourne was well contested with Fishbourne winning 32-28 thanks to a good win by Mike Beal’s triple by 24-10.

Keith Palin’s triple lost 18-8, with the overall score meaning Fishbourne took four points from the six available.

Between these games Fishbourne entertained Rogate in a friendly, winning 63-49 with Keith Palin’s triple winning 34-11 and Bernard Wallsgrove’s winning 23-10, The third triple skipped by Mick Howard went down 6-28.

In a recent open day at Fishbourne quite a number of visitors tried their hands at bowls, resulting in a number of people being interested in joining the club.


A mixed friendly at home to Middleton brought Crablands a 64-46 win.

Scores: Susan Jackson, Richard Green and Rod Shambrook won 17-9; Jo Green, Sylvia Gray and John Cornwell won 16-10; Julia McClaren, Denny Terry and Carole Cornwell won 17-12; Bryan Jackson, Eddie Willcocks and Nigel Reynolds lost 14-15.

In the Game, Set and Match Ladies’ League game at home to Maltravers, Crablands Blues lost 38-31 and 4-2 in points.

Scores: Chris Lewendon, Val Foyle, Sheila Jones and Carol Bowles won 19-18; Pat Osborn, Sarah Fewster, Melva Bateman and Sue Blyth lost 12-20; (friendly): Cheryl Brown, Maggie Brand, Pat Terry and Carole Cornwell won 35-12.

In the same ;eague Crablands Yellows hosted Norfolk and lost 44-25.

Scores: Julia McClaren, Grace Humphreys, Pat Terry and Carole Cornwell lost 13-22; Jo Green, Lil Tuck, Joan Adams and Lesley Duff lost 12-22.

A further triumph for the ladies came in the Top Club competition away to Norfolk BC, where they won three out of four disciplines to go through to the next round.

Scores: Singles - Sheila Jones won 21-14; Pairs - Chris Lewendon and Carol Bowles won 25-18; Triples - Elaine Sadler, Melva Bateman and Mollie Back won 19-16; Fours - Cheryl Brown, Val Foyle, Lesley Duff and Sue Blyth lost 13-24.

Crablands men travelled to Worthing Pavilion for the first round of the PC Cup but all rinks lost and the score was 128-60.

Scores: Richard Green, Mike Lockyer, Peter Blackman and Mark Heasman lost 16-27; Nigel Reynolds, Denny Terry, Alan Bateman and Les Jewiss lost 16-29; Tony Dade, John Cornwell, Colin Marsh and Ian Ford lost 15-34; Eddie Willcocks, Lew Lewendon, Alan Blyth and Derek Clacey lost 13-38.


Both Midhurst league teams enjoyed big wins, collecting maximum points by winning on all three rinks.

Midhurst A 61 Wonersh A 37

Midhurst A entertained Surrey club Wonersh and won by 24 shots

Scores: Catherine Dixon, Terrry Berry & Dave King won 21-9; Bob Butterfield, Malcolm Hutchings & Paul Chuter won 25-17; Anne Chuter, John Pearce & Gerald Dixon won 15-11. Midhurst A 5pts.

Hindhead B 32 Midhurst B 57

Midhurst B visited local rivals Hindhead B and won overall by 25 shots.

Scores: Stella Taite, Alan Rickets & Stuart Largan won 20-10; Sue Ralph, Richard Softly & Roy Ralph won 24-10; Delphine Clark, Howard Seymour & Phil Kingswell won 13-12. Midhurst B 5pts

Midhurst 64 Graffham 38

Midhurst entertained Graffham in a friendly and won overall by 26 shots.

Scores: Delphine Clark, Dian Ruinet & Catherine Dixon won 28-8; Stella Taite, Marjorie Hayward & Malcolm Hutchings won 17-14; Michael D J Smith. Martin Ruinet & Bob Butterfield won 19-14.

Midhurst entertained Headley and won overall by 29 shots.

Scores: Angela, Colin Downham & Paul Chuter won 25-11; Dot Berry, Marjorie Hayward & Alan Rickets lost 7-21; Jack Jurado, Richard Softly & Terry Berry won 25-9; Steve, Anne Chuter & Gerald Dixon won 26-13.


Arun’s indoor summer campaign got under way with a home win against Worthing IBC.

Although Arun lost on four of the six rinks, their margins of victory on the two that they won were sufficient to give them an overall win by 116-109.

Rob Keele skipped the top rink and with help from Pete Miles, Betty Williams and Sheila Simmonds, notched up a 37-10 victory.

Other rink scores;- V Greenaway, R Fairbrother G Finch, A Fisk (s) lost 12 14; G King, J Hazelgrove, K Hutton, B Arnell lost 13-20; J Sparrow, P Phillips, A Giddings, P Buckland (s) lost 13-21; T Arnell ,J Herdman M Fair, G Debenham (s) lost 15-28; J Whetstone, J Greenfield, Resi Weidenhoeft, D Jones (s) won 25 -16.