Chichester bowlers get better of Sussex young guns

Chris Corbett in action at Chichester BC / Picture by Kate Shemilt
Chris Corbett in action at Chichester BC / Picture by Kate Shemilt

Chichester took on the Sussex Under-25s in a special challenge - and won. Read about that and all the other games involving Pagham, Bognor, Witterings and West Dean in our regular round-up from around the local bowls greens


Chichester (2019 Abergavenny Squad) 35 Sussex Under-25s 31

In the past seven years Chichester have won the County Double Fours (Abergavenny Cup) four times and have been runners-up once.

This season’s squad took on the Sussex under-25s in a special challenge match and in a close game which saw some very good bowling Chichester were triumphant by four shots.

Scores: (Chichester names first): Peter Whale, Peter Green, Matt Bonnar, Mick Page (skip) beat Jack Till, Keira Dunk, Jason Walter, Reece Tugwell (skip) 24-12; Kevin Ball, Nick Anderson, Gary Miller, Tony Sayers (skip) lost to Alex Jackson, Harry Dale, Hayden Clarke, James Brennan (skip) 19-11.

Chichester A 42 Tarring Priory B 39

Chichester A survived a late scare to win their first round National Club Two Fours match at home to Tarring Priory B by just three shots.

Scores: Peter Whale, Kevin Ball, Gary Miller, Tony Sayers (skip) won 28-19; Peter Green, Peter Howick, Nick Anderson, Mick Page (skip) lost 20-14.

Chichester B 28 Tarring Priory A 46

Chichester B entertained Tarring Priory A in the first round of the National Club Two Fours. Tarring Priory took the lead on the fourth end and never looked back, going on to defeat Chichester by 18 shots.

Scores: Ian Linfield, Mick Campbell, Colin Spicer, Mike Bayfield (skip) lost 29-7; Glyn Ball, Les Etherington, Brian Talmage, Brian Butler (skip) won 21-17.

East Preston 103 Chichester 132

Chichester travelled to East Preston for a mixed friendly. Chichester were always in control and won by 29 shots.

Scores: Jeff Richardson, Stuart Wilson, Mercedes Neilson, Kevin Ball (skip) won 27-21; Paul Chivers, Heather Farmer, Les Shipp, Duncan Gray (skip) won 21-13; Frances Downing, John Pearson, Tony Daines, Jim Neilson (skip) lost 17-16; Ann Hulbert, Peter Doust, John Walters, Chris Wade (skip) won 20-19; Pat Fisher, John Taylor, Colin Hulbert, Terry Wiseman (skip) won 25-14; Peter Hague, Graham Fisher, Veronica Pickering, Peter Merritt (skip) won 23-19.

Chichester were at home in the second round of the national Top Club competition and in a tense match Chichester were edged out by two disciplines to three by Worthing Pavilion.

Scores: Two Wood Singles: Stuart Meyer lost 18-4; Four Wood Singles: Nick Anderson lost 21-20; Pairs: Kevin Ball & Tony Sayers (skip) won 28-19; Triples: Peter Green, Gary Miller, Matt Bonnar (skip) lost 14-13; Fours: Peter Whale, Brian Butler, Simon Tooley, Mick Page (skip) won 23-18.

Arundel 24 Chichester 50

Playing at Arundel in the Game Set & Match League, Chichester won on both rinks, taking all six points.

Scores: Debbie Hogg, Steph Baverstock, Wendy Adams & Sue Miles won 27-8; Chris Hobbs, Mary Potter, Bridget Collins & Betty Spicer won 23-16.

Chichester 77 The Drive 73

In a very close match against The Drive in the Sussex Top Club, Chichester won three of the four disciplines to go through to the zone final to be played against Worthing Pavilion.

Scores: Singles: Debbie Hogg won 21-9; Pairs: Chris Hobbs & Betty Spicer won 23-21; Triples: Mercedes Neilson, Bridget Collins & Denise Latter won 23-18; Fours: Mary Potter, Steph Baverstock, Wendy Adams & Sue Miles lost 10-25.

Top-club progress for Chi - Southbourne beat West Dean

Pagham’s men played four rinks in the league v Crablands and lost 84-80, taking four points.

Scores: R Pearson, B Smith, D Vaughan, M English won 27-14; T Plows, K Robini, T Hayes, R Dear won 21-17; P Langridge, P Burrell, R Hilder, P Mayoss lost 17-25; T Wells, M Adams, R Read, J Jones lost 15-28.

In a men’s friendly againat Maltravers, Pagham won 67-66.

Scores: P Wakeford, T Plows, T Hayes, R Dear won 20-17; R Pearson, B Smith, D Vaughan, M English 24-13; P Langridge, D Marsh, M Adams, P Mayoss lost 13-19; N Terry, J Cowley, K Robini, J Fox lost 10-17.

A men’s friendly featured four rinks taking on Witterings but Pagham lost 79-63.

Scores: R Pearson, D Marsh, K Ruffell, M English won 19-13; N Terry, B Calvert, T Hayes, R Dear lost 16-18; P Wakeford, M Adams, P Burrell, P Mayoss won 18-16.

A four-rink men’s league match with Worthing Pavillion A won 88/60 for a maximum haul of ten points.

Scores: P Langridge, C Stone, R Hider, P Mayoss won 19-16; T Plows, D Cripp, T Hayes, R Dear won 21-16; T Wells, P Wakeford, R Dear, J Jones won 30-12; R Pearson, B Smith, D Vaughan, M English won 18-16.


In a friendly against Maltravers ladies, Bognor ladies won on one rink but lost on two and lost 26-36 overall.

Scores: Louise Saunders, Penny Jones and Janet Whitfield lost 7-14; Lyn Carthew, Sheila Currall, Margaret Phillips won 10-8; Marion Keers, Beryl Charlesworth and Anne Parry lost 9-14.


Witterings 104 Storrington 49

One more shot from Gwilym Morgan’s team would have given Witterings a win on all rinks but the final bowl brought them to a draw at 19-19 which gained a useful nine West Sussex League points.

Scores: Glyn Dobson, John Langworthy, Eric Shoyer, Lindsay Bangs (s) won 33-11; David Gibbons, Chris Jelf, Fred Knotts, Ray Stephens (s) won 28-6; Colin Carter, John Hardy, Mark White, Ken Clark (s) won 24-13; Stuart Hooker, Doug Holden, Brian Barnes, Gwilym Morgan (s) draw 19-19.

RAFA 46 Witterings 68

Witterings travelled to Bognor to play a friendly mixed match against RAFA. Although it was very windy, which made bowling difficult at times, it was a good afternoon and everyone enjoyed the game. Witterings came out on top.

Scores: Alan Somerville, Sheila Currell and Stuart Hooker (S) won 20-9; Chris Jelf, Chris Horsley and Anne May (S) lost 12-15; Colin Carter, Val Hooker and Gwilym Morgan (S) drew 15-15; Sandy Paton, Carole Tuffin and Dave Bell (S) won 21-7.

Witterings 50 Crablands 22

Scores (BM League): Sue Dobson, Dave Bell, Gwilym Morgan (s) won 25-8; Brian Barnes, Glyn Dobson, Carole Tuffin (s) won 25-14. Witterings 6pts.


West Dean 70 Fishbourne 44

West Dean were the winners of a friendly at home to Fishbourne by 26 shots after winning on two of the three rinks.

Scores: Diana Carver, Andy Wood, John Butterworth [s] won 24-17; Pam Patterson, Ann Hiscock, Tony Boxall [s] won 34-9; Roger Loten, Ian Morrison, Phil Muggeridge [s[ lost 12-18.

Stedham 53 West Dean 45

In a friendly game at Stedham, West Dean lost a close match by eight shots.

Scores: Diana Carver, John Jones, John Butterworth [s] lost 13-16; Pam Patterson, Bob Holman, David Turner [s] lost 15-19; Violet Smith, Ann Hiscock, Tony Boxall [s] lost 17-18.