Charman apologises for dismissal as Horsham slump to defeat

Gary Charman is hoping to add depth to Horsham's squad
Gary Charman is hoping to add depth to Horsham's squad

Horsham manager Gary Charman gave a frank assessment of his side’s performance after a 3-1 loss at the hands of Chisptead.

Charman apologised for his angry outburst following Chipstead’s highly controversial third goal, which resulted in him being sent from the dugout by the referee.

However, he added that the official had told Charman he made a mistake in allowing the goal - which the linesman had flagged for offside.

Charman said: “I’ve spoken to him (the referee) after the game. He holds his hands up, he got it wrong.

“He thought our defender flicked it on, so it was a back pass from our player.

“But he cannot change what’s going on with me, so I’ll be getting banned.

“I apologise for my reactions. I’m a passionate man and I will manage the same way as I play.

“I regret what I have done, it was wrong but I will not change from the person I am.”

It was a frustrating afternoon for the Hornets, who were poor defensively throughout.

Charman described the third goal as a ‘killer’, and said the lack of match practice caused by several weather-related postponements cost his team.

He said: “The first goal was a goalkeeping error, which is a shame on Hunts’ (Michael Hunter’s) last game, but he should save that.

“The second one - I don’t think it’s a corner but we didn’t defend the corner very well and we found ourselves 2-0 down.

“We absolutely battered them for about five or ten minutes after and they couldn’t get out their 18 yard box, but we couldn’t score a goal.”

Charman added that he is concentrating on his own fitness and hopes to be back in contention in two or three weeks, barring suspension.

He also said that he hopes to add players to the squad.

He added: “I thought we were second best all over the park, our decision-making on the ball was awful.

“We weren’t match fit but I think what lost us the game today was decision-making, officials’ decisions and our main downfall was ourselves.

“I know I have got a fantastic squad here but I’ve got to bring players in, I realised that today.”