Centre’s latest courses

FOUR weekend courses are to be held at Moorcroft Racehorse Welfare Centre at Slinfold in February, covering a range of topics from saddle fitting to long-reining.

Moorcroft has become well-known for the quality of courses that it runs throughout the year and the first session on Saturday February 2 at 11am will feature Malcolm Green from Equifeast, who will discuss calcium and magnesium levels in horses.

The most common cause of poor brain function is a shortage of calcium in the diet, while inadequate magnesium deprives the brain of energy and can cause difficult behaviour. Too much magnesium can have the same effect.

He will explain how to achieve the right levels of brain food for horses.

On Saturday February 9 at 11am, common ailments in the ridden horse in the neck, back and pelvis will be discussed by Jenny Wilson of Bridgefield Physiotherapy, who will also explain how to avoid them and deal with them.

Expert saddle fitter Martin Wilkinson will explain how and why a saddle ought to fit on Saturday February 16 at 11am, demonstrating different types of saddles and the reasons for using them. He will also show how to fit the not-so-perfect back.

The final course on Saturday February 23 at 11am will be given by centre manager Mary Henley-Smith BHS11 and NHS.SM. Mary and her staff will demonstrate long-reining for improvement of posture on horses at the centre. Everyone will get a chance to long-rein and gain tuition in the techniques needed to improve a horse.

At this course, one or two of the current horses in training at the centre will be ridden or long-reined just before the talk/ demonstration.

Book on any of these courses by contacting Mary on 07929 666408.