Beckie Mabbutt at work with a horse

Beckie Mabbutt in action
Beckie Mabbutt in action

BECKIE Mabbutt had wanted to be a farrier since she was a young girl, and was undaunted by the fact that most farriers are men. It was always her chosen career and ticked all the boxes, since she wanted to work with horses and also wanted to work for herself.

Today, Beckie (28), who lives in Billingshurst is a highly experienced farrier and she specialises in lameness.

The Farriery Practice, based in Broadbridge Heath, near Horsham, recently further strengthened its team by appointing her on to their highly respected team.

Beckie qualified in 2004 after completing her apprenticeship in Steyning, and in 2006 went to Colorado Springs, USA, to continue her studies and became one of the first 12 Farriers in the world to be a Certified Natural Balance Farrier (CNBF) and Certified Natural Balance Barefoot Trimmer (CNBBT).

She is also a Certified Lameness Specialist (CLS).

Commenting on her appointment, Beckie said: “I have wanted to be a farrier since I was about eight years old, yet I was always told I was far too weak and skinny, and that it was no job for a girl.

“However that just made me more determined! I was keen to join the team at The Farriery Practice as they all have a keen knowledge of the equine anatomy and physiology of the lower limb which I believe is key in addressing the care of horses feet.