Why did Crawley Town make such a quick appointment?

John Yems in his last stint at Crawley Town
John Yems in his last stint at Crawley Town

Erdem Konyar, Crawley Town chairman Ziya Eren's advisor, has told the Crawley Observer why they made such a quick appointment.

The Reds parted ways with Gabriele Cioffi on Monday and today (Thursday) the club announced John Yems as the Italian's replacement.

On Wednesday, the Crawley Observer eevealed the club would make a quick appointment, with a source telling us they needed someone who knew the squad and were familiar with the club. Yems ticks thos boxes.

Konyar said on the appointment: "It's very welcome. The place needs a bit of familiarity. Maybe not familiarity but experience and achieving in this league.

"We're hopeful and we're positive we can translate this into results."

And on the swift appointment of Yems, Konyar added: "We're familiar with him (Yems) and we've known about him for a long time in a sense of he comes to games, he knows the squad well.

"During our three-and-a-half year tenure here he's always been on the phone, mentioning players.

"The Gabriele situation wasn't a planned event but we knew we needed to find a quick solution without too much dismantling because there's eight games coming up.

"We had to, in a way, have to smoothest possible transition to get more points and that's why the appointment has been made in this way."

Konyar believes Yems can get confidence back in the players. He said: "We need to return to who we are. If the team performs in a consistent way at the beginning of the season, then it must be a confidence issue not a talent issue.

"We've got to get these boys back up to being confident and start playing again.

"Results have gone against us. We've been unlucky with some refereeing decisions.

"But unfortunately that's not going to change, so we need to get the results back."

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