Transfer Deadline Day: Even former Reds boss Evans shocked by Premier League spending

Steve Evans in his Crawley Town days. Picture by Jon Rigby
Steve Evans in his Crawley Town days. Picture by Jon Rigby

Even former Crawley Town manager Steve Evans is stunned by the amount of money being splashed around at Premier League level as the transfer window prepares to close at 11pm tonight.

The Mansfield Town manager is in the market for two or three players himself, but the cash concerned is a far cry from the millions being thrown around at the top.

“When you are talking about the transfer window and this period in time, football has gone absolutely bonkers,” he said.

“You look at the value of players and some of things that are going on with the deals, I just wonder what £50 million would do for the NHS, what £50 million would do for the care workers? “Just pick a town. Pick Mansfield. Pick the city I live in, Peterborough – what would it do?”

Evans, who took Crawley Town up to League One when he was in charge, said League Two was a whole different level of spending though there was still more money being shelled out this season, his own club included.

“We are not at the bonkers level of the game,” he said. “We are a more level-headed side of the game and League Two is a long, long way away from what we will watch on national television later today.

“Some clubs in League Two have moved a little bit towards that and made some big decisions. “You look at the team we played last Saturday, Luton Town. They openly say they don’t spend big money. But you don’t sign James Collins or Luke Berry if you’re not paying good money, or keep the boy (Danny) Hylton.

“They are not alone. This is a really tough league this year.

“There is a lot of investment going on by private individuals – like, dare I say it, John and Carolyn Radford here. “Fair play to anyone that, first and foremost, can afford it and wants to have a go.

“The worrying side is just where it’s going at the top level.”

There is transfer news expected from the Stadium. Stay tuned!