Richie Barker: ‘This was one of our best all-round performances’

Emile Sinclair scores Crawley's goal during their 1-0 win against Bradford City
Emile Sinclair scores Crawley's goal during their 1-0 win against Bradford City

Crawley Town manager Richie Barker reckoned his side were at their best in beating fourth placed Bradford City 1-0 at the Stadium.

He also said improved mental strength and desire got them over the line.

Barker said: “As an all-round performance that was one of the best games from 1 to 11.

“I don’t think we would have won that game last year.

“Paul Jones didn’t have a lot to do but what he did do was excellent, mainly with his feet. He was very relaxed with the ball.

“Bradford caught us cold in the first 15 minutes which was surprising as we knew what to expect.

“We rode the storm and our defending in the last 15 minutes was fantastic. They didn’t carve us up but are a threat going forward with someone like James Hanson.

“They are on a great run on the back of last year, are full of confidence and have a massive squad. It was a fantastic win which had a bit of everything from the players which I can’t speak highly enough of.

“It was a great pass by Andy Drury and a fantastic finish by Emile. He took the goal particularly well.”

He also praised Sinclair’s strike partner Jamie Proctor for a fine display.

“Although he didn’t score I thought Jamie Proctor had his best game for us this season and was right up there with the best games he has had since he came here. He was a real handful. His reliability and maturity were fantastic today.

“Anyone watching our two centre forwards today will think: ‘I don’t fancy playing them.’

“Two people, Mike Jones and Joe Walsh, threw themselves into blocks to prevent a certain goal in the game at the end.”