Bowls: West meets East - and West beats East

West Sussex’s Premier and A teams continued their inter-county championship programmes – and had mixed fortunes.

Sunday, 26th October 2014, 8:00 am
Johnnie Sparrow bowls for Arun against Preston Picture by Louise Adams

The Premier team visited East Sussex and enjoyed a win, while the A team lost on their visit to London.

The Premier team were looking to improve on the result of two weeks ago when they drew 20-20 with East Sussex at Westergate. They got off to a bad start taking only one point in the first session with a draw in one singles, losing one pairs game by dropping a four on the last end. They were stronger in the second session winning three of the four games to trail 9-7 at lunch.

The afternoon was much better with three wins in the third session, including pulling back an 18-shot deficit in the pairs to take the bonus points. They followed this with five points in the last session, taking the bonus points comfortably in the fours and also in the triples by just two shots.

This gave them an overall victory 24-16 and 192 shots to 174 which leaves them heading the group table.

In the pairs, The Martlets’ Jim Noton and Malcolm Rollings lost 22-5 and won 13-11 while Infinity’s Dan Blackman lost 16-15 and won 23-4. In the triples, Bognor’s Brian Mills lost 10-7 and 11-7 while The Martlets’ trio of Chris Blackman, Mel Lillywhite and Marc Lancaster won 10-7 and 14-8.

In the fours, the Southbourne combination of Karen and Dave Alner and Robin Armstrong won 15-9 and drew 12-12 while the Lavant trio of John Simms, Peter Winter and Peter Whale won 13-3 and 12-9.

The A team started well in London taking five points in the first session and four in the second to lead 9-7 at lunch.

The afternoon was a different story with London dealing better with the difficult mats and West Sussex managing only two more points for a final disappointing loss by 27-13.

In the singles, Nyetimber’s Freddie Kaucher lost 16-13 and 18-6. In the pairs, Crablands Joyce Abel won 11-10 and 14-13 while Southbourne’s John Hardy won 21-6 and lost 10-8.

In the triples Bognor’s Eric and Brenda Jones won 12-6 and lost 13-4 and Crablands’ Martin Hunt won 9-5 and lost 15-7. In the fours, Lavant’s Ray Harding, Rob Peirce and Dominic May with Bognor’s Marlene Steel lost 8-5 and 16-3 while Bognor’s Pam and Clive Andrews with The Martlets’ Ivan Salmon and Southbourne’s Dave Walter lost 9-5 and 12-5.


Arun ladies travelled to Eastbourne for a friendly and won 113-99.

Scores: C Dunham, P Rampton, R Norris, S Hart lost 21-13; K Burnard, V Rayner, M Potter, M Richards won 24-12; O Fidgeon, S Pickard, C Mayoss, B Jones lost 19-10; E Fitch, E Keywood, J Lindley, G Conley lost 26-15; J Foster, J Conners, B Williams, S Stocker won 20-13; V Greenaway, E Cooke, B Bonnar, J Taffurelli won 31-8.

The ladies from Arun and a couple of men travelled to Wey Valley for a friendly and lost 111-87.

Scores: B Williams, D Bowles, M Bateman, M Potter lost 24-15; L Dunham, D Young, V Foyle, C Bowles lost 29-12; J Watson, R Norford, J Lindley, J Whetstone won 21-14; O Fidgeon, V Rayner, P Jones, V Greenaway lost 27-15; K Burnard, J Dyke, K Young, M Steel won 24-17.

Arun ladies entered two teams in the Masons Trophy.

The A team played against Worthing Indoor Bowls Club and won 44-32.

Scores: I Brooker, S Stocker, S Miles, G Conley won 23-16; J Foster, J Tafurelli, S Judd, M Richards won 21-16.

The B team played Victory Indoor Bowls Club and won 48-42.

Scores: D Anderson, B Collins, B Spicer, A Janman won 25-24; C Hobbs, M Phillips, D Latter, W Adams won 23-18.

Arun A now play Arun B in the next round of the Masons Trophy.

Arun IBC 158 Preston 94

Arun’s men entertained Preston in a friendly. Preston played three very close games but overall they ost by 64 points. Arun won on four rinks and took control from the start.

Scores: J Sparrow, P Doust, D Spink, D Adams lost 20-19; J Watson, K Burt, P White, C Radford lost 18-17; P Green, G Courtney, E King, T Sayers won 28-9; G Whittaker, J Dyke, J Olliver, J Pickard won 34-13; B Daley, D Young, J Greenfield, J Davis won 39-15; B Rebbeck, W Branford, B Sanford, R Gardner won 21-19.

Arun 122 Sutton 131

Arun hosted a friendly and at halfway, Arun IBC were in front – but it was a game of two halves. Sutton edged ahead to win by nine shots.

Scores: P Easterbrook, D Spinks, G Herrington, S Payne won 20-17; T Erry, J Fox, P White, C Burnard lost 30-17; R Corkett, W Branford, B Sanford, R Gardner lost 20-19; P Lacy, B Jones, E West, L Corne drew 25-25; J Dyke, M Kemp, E Michell, T Sayers lost 30-12; J Sparrow, J Gilpin, L Hall, N Bashford won 29-9.


The Cormorants did not get their season off to a very good start – they lost on all mats away to Bognor Goodwoods Silver gained all six points.

Scores: Joyce Abel, Rod Shambrook, Mollie Back and Martin Hunt lost 22-20; Denise Meritt, Jan Obermayer, Reg Hatch and Joyce Heritage lost 23-13; (friendly) Celia Foot, Marion Hatch, Wally Obermayer and Alan Foot lost 23-21.

Crablands Bitterns had a slightly better start when they visited Walberton and gained two points.

Scores: Jean Tolhurst, Iris Brown, Geoff Brown and Roy Tolhurst won 17-15; Nigel Reynolds, Meg Pocock, Ted Murrell and Lil Tuck lost 25-17; (friendly) Sylvia Gray, Les Howland, Wally Obermayer and Jim Saunders won 23-15.

Crablands Bitterns hosted Midhurst Eagles but were beaten on both mats.

Scores: Nigel Reynolds, Iris Brown, Geoff Brown and Terry Axworthy lost 26-10; Jean Tolhurst, Les Howland, Ted Murrell and Roy Tolhurst lost 18-13.

Crablands visited Horley Hawks in the knockout competition and won on one mat and got beaten heavily on the other mat. The defeat means Crablands now go into the plate competition.

Scores: Joyce Abel, Joan Taylor, Wally Obermayer and Martin Hunt lost 37-9; Jan Obermayer, Jim Saunders, Meg Pocock and Mollie Back won 18-14.


Southbourne Rovers 45 Lavant Green 33

Southbourne Rovers had an excellent home win in south-west zone division two of the West Sussex Winter League against Lavant Green. In their first league match of the season, Southbourne won on both mats, won by 12 shots overall and gained the maximum six points.

Scores: Joan Frost, Eddie Neuts, Margaret Odell & John Staker (s) won 21-17; Colin Bulbeck, Kathy Shelley, Pete Jasinski & Alan Williams (s) won 24-16.


Nyetimber 57 Fittleworth 23

Fittleworth lost their first league game away to Nyetimber, who won on both mats to take all six points.

Scores: Nancy Goodyer, Edna Henly, Monica Enticknap, Charlie Martin lost 34-9; Audrey Hodgson, Gina Barnfield, Alvar Etherington, Sue Judd lost 23-14.

Bury 43 Fittleworth 49

Scores: Lyn White, David Luxford, Charlie Martin won 22-10; Audrey Hodgson, Simon Herbert, Sheila Allen, Gina Barnfield lost 21-11; Arthur Ellcome, Monica Enticknap, Sue Judd won 16-12.