We should be out of the EU quickly

I note from ‘WSG Letters’ that EU enthusiast Mr Martin Vasey lives in Greyfriars Lane, Storrington.

I recall a marauding German bomber being brought down there during WW II.

That means I am old enough to remember this country going to war to help prevent Germany’s second attempt to take over Europe. Soon after, this country was bracing itself to prevent the loss to the same aggressor of our national independence and lawful democratic right to self political determination.

Indeed, the very nationhood that Mr Vasey believes worth abandoning in the interest of peace in Europe.

It would seem that what Mr Vasey is saying is that in the interest of maintaining peace in Europe we should accept the destruction of our nation state and the concept of nationhood and embrace the idea of being a satellite state of the EU political empire as planned way back in the 1930s.

As I am old enough to have lived through that time of terrible sacrifices made by the people of this nation in order to maintain our lawful right to be a self governing free people of self political determination I for one am not prepared to betray our forebears who gave their all to afford us our democratic right of national independence, a concept that less fortunate people are bitterly fighting for at this very time.

Mr Vasey waxes lyrical about the EU superstate, because that is what it is, a political economic empire as drawn up and expressed in the German High Command ‘Europaisch Wirtschaftsgemeinshcafts 1942’ (EEC), virtually the blueprint for the Treaty of Rome, and he goes to great lengths to explain its claimed democratic principle and administration, but as an ordinary British subject I see nothing democratic in being lied to and frogmarched without so much as a by-your-leave into a foreign political power set-up that assumes supremacy over our democratic laws and border controls. Not to mention demanding billions of pounds of our money, which it then squanders willy nilly without any accountability what so ever.

The fact is that we were tricked into joining the so-called common market by a treasonous process that even Mr Vasey admits was a big confidence trick, as was the unlawful 1975 referendum. Since 1972 we have been a subjugated people governed not by British governments, that are now no more than puppet administrations for the EU commission, which is, despite Mr Vassey claims, not elected by or accountable to the people. The EU commission is, as Mr Vasey puts it, elected through a chain of representatives where at each stage and level the usual political loopholes and covert expediencies are exercised to attain what the politicians want as opposed to the needs and wants of the people, which is common to all over-large and over-arching organisations.

What Mr Vasey seems not to understand is that a European super-state is an old and outdated concept. Two horrific wars taught Europe the necessity of democracy, and democratic countries do not go to war against each other. The danger now is that the power hungry EU despots are steadily eroding the people’s democratic right of self expression and individuality which is in the long term a recipe for frustration, unrest and confrontation. History suggests that it is how Europe often chooses to live, but it is not our way and we should be out of it as soon as possible.

Bob Lomas

The Magna Carta Society

Dragons Geen