We must try to protect our heritage from this public vandalism

From centuries ago there has always been a direct path from Angmering to the sea at East Preston.

With the building of the railway in the 1840s, following an Act of Parliament, the railway company was forced to retain the pathway with the addition of stiles each side of the track.

Over the years and with the continuing developments in both Angmering and East Preston the usage by locals has increased till today it is still used by very many locals and school children.

I am totally opposed to the closure of this heritage route.

To withdraw this facility, would, I consider, be a retrograde step for the community and remove an ancient right of way.

With only one fatality in recent years, and that due to stupidity, the crossing has a good record of safety.

My first option is to retain the crossing, as it is at present. I do however accept that an alternative to retain the crossing would be for an electronic gate to be controlled as with the road crossing.

This would give additional safety measures, and it would also assist those like me who take their bicycles or pushchairs over the crossing.

I have written to both Parish Councils urging them to oppose the closure of this way and would also urge those like me who treasure this ancient path to protest at its closure.

It seems ironic that on the 259 road the pathway has its own traffic lights whilst further south the pathway could come to an abrupt end!

We must try and protect our heritage from this unnecessary public vandalism.

Richard Akhurst

Sea Road

East Preston