We must give police support

If this government is serious about making savings in the Police, we should be looking to practical solutions like crime prevention, as opposed to cutting frontline police officers.

Across Sussex, and especially in our town and city centres, we all too often see displays of drunkenness at night and in the early hours of the morning.

We know that the vast majority of public-place violence is fuelled by alcohol, frequently this excess alcohol intake results in harassment, assaults and ABH as well as being a significant contributor to domestic violence and hate crime.

Anyone who has had to visit A&E at night will also witness the effect on our nurses and doctors.

Despite it being a criminal offence, licensees are not being prosecuted for “knowingly serving” those who are drunk.

We all know that there are licensees out there who must be doing this - they give the wider licensing trade a bad name, put their staff at risk and, I believe they are effectively accessories to the street crime that often results from intoxication.

I want to focus on this aspect of the night economy by giving the police the resources they need to prevent sales of alcohol to those already intoxicated and to remove licenses from irresponsible licensees, but this cannot be done in a vacuum.

Police, licensing authorities and Trading Standards need to regularly meet with licensees to work together to resolve this and other problems.

We all have a vested interest in improving public safety and providing a night time economy safe for all.

We need a clearer understanding of everyone’s concerns if we are going reduce violent crimes in our public places.

The message must be clear. As the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, I would not be willing to tolerate irresponsible licensed premises. I will allocate to Sussex Police the financial backing they need to confront this issue.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss this or other policing and crime issues, please contact me via www.godfreydaniel.org.uk

Godfrey Daniel

Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Candidate for Labour