University charges

I AM not a Lib Dem supporter but fair’s fair. Whatever they said before the election it was not until joining the Coalition that they saw the books and realised there was just not enough money to go around.

Clearly the new government had to reduce expenditure. Earlier hopes and aspirations had to be re-examined.

Amongst the huge list of costs borne by the state there was scrutiny of university expenditure, and a scheme was devised where students would pay nothing until they were, later and whenever, earning £21,000 p.a.

Then they would have to pay for their education, at not very onerous terms.

So what logic is there in charging the students anything at all for a university education?

Firstly, for better or worse, we are in a very, very different world, totally different to that when parents and grandparents enjoyed free university education, lower taxation, more affordable housing, lower defence costs, higher savings rates, easy-mortgages, no huge black holes, and so on.

Secondly - and this is crucial - having a university education gives one the tremendous advantage of being to embark on a career that will normally become more lucrative than that of a person leaving school and going straight out to work.

Thirdly, it is patently inequitable that those who for one reason or another have not had the benefit of further education should pay, through their taxes, for those who choose to spend some very happy years at university.

DA Sunray

Wepham, Arundel