Traffic issues are paramount

There are many, many reasons why the proposal to change the St Leonards Arms building in Horsham into a Tesco convenience store is flawed in so many ways.

The concerns of many people about traffic and parking issues are paramount. Entering into the flow of traffic on the Brighton Road from St Leonards Road is already almost impossible at busy times and difficult most of the time.

Has the county council even implemented a study of these traffic volumes and issues?

Of course, if the study was done in the middle of the day or say at 2am then it would not have thrown up any issues.

As a local resident I would be interested to know when the study was done and what the results were and as that local resident, I can assure you that there certainly are already problems.

Sundays at present tend to be quieter but this will become a thing of the past it this ridiculous venture is pushed ahead.

The fact that the whole business seems to have been a done deal long before it became public knowledge is somewhat intriguing and mysterious to say the least.

In addition, I would like to say that we do not need another convenience store as we already have one opposite the entrance to the site in question. We also have Elm Grove Stores. Hey and guess what, a Tesco convenience store at Redkiln Way - not that far away if we want it eh?

Wake up district and county councils, this is a nonsense.


Dickins Way, Horsham