‘Torture chamber’

MR Shaw (WSG October 5) was quite right to call for the organisers of the Hallowe’en event at Brooklands Lake in Worthing to think again over presenting a ‘torture chamber’ as part of the entertainment.

It is roughly on the acceptability level of cockfighting. Torture is reality. It is not entertainment.

Forty years ago I used to be a campaigner against torture. Conferences on torture and torture reports from around the world wear you down eventually with their detailed presentation of sickening facts.

There came a time when I had read one torture report too many and had to leave it to the others and the people coming fresh to it. Unfortunately, cruelty and torture will exist as long as the human race exists. What we are doing in opposing it is hammering at every visible rising tentacle of a monster, because this is all you can do. Using the subject of torture as entertainment I find unforgivable.

Jacqueline Deeks,

Wendy Ridge, Rustington