Tinkering with this junction will not help

Am I alone in predicting that spending thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money on tinkering with the roundabout at the Ford road junction with the A27 at Arundel will do nothing to solve the underlying problem?

Altering the layout of the roundabout, or painting white lines to form two lanes on the westbound approach will achieve nothing to alleviate the worsening jams at this notorious bottleneck.

The A27 both from the station, and up Hospital Hill will remain narrow single carriageways, totally inadequate for, and incapable of carrying any more through traffic.

Until a proper dual carriageway is built to link Crossbush roundabout with the existing dual carriageway west of The White Swan, the problems will remain and only increase.

Residents, tourists, and above all local businesses constantly tell us that the completion of the Arundel by-pass is the biggest highway priority locally, and in our region.

The Highways Agency has wasted millions on studies and plans to complete this section, and nothing less will do. Don’t waste more public money, and use it as an excuse for not doing the job properly!

Dr James Walsh

County Councillor for Littlehampton East (Liberal Democrat)

The Street