Time to show respect

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WHEN I read that a certain young man had admitted in court that he had defiled the Cenotaph during a student protest, he gave as an excuse that he did not know the significance of that particular edifice as he lived in the country and his family did not have television.

I wondered at the time where he could live where evidently he did not have radio or access to a newspaper shop either.

Then I read that Charlie lived in Billingshurst. I have visited Billingshurst many times and also read in WSG of their many activities so I am sure they are well provided for with every form of information technology.

Not only that, but there is a War Memorial in Billingshurst as well as in most smaller villages, not to mention plaques on walls of churches and school chapels.

Perhaps instead of a prison sentence, Charlie should be made to go round and read some of those plaques.

They make very sad reading, especially when one reads the same family name many times.

Someone’s father, someone’s son died so that people like Charlie are free today to voice their grievances without fear.

November 11th is Remembrance Day when we shall be wearing our red poppies. Do Charlie and other young people think the poppy is sold in aid of a charity for gardeners?

On that day we say, “We shall remember them.” and we shall also respect the memory of their sacrifice.

It was interesting to read that Charlie was also a History student at Cambridge. Perhaps he was studying the Greeks and Romans and knows nothing of modern history.

I should like to suggest that while in prison he should be given a dissertation to write on the lines of, “The war memorial in European history and its significance today” to include illustrations and interviews.

Perhaps if he did it well he may get an early release.

Sheila O’Neill

via email