Think again over fees for bins

I have sent the following letter to the chairman of Horsham District Council and copied it to Horsham MP Francis Maude.

I am writing to express my extreme displeasure on the sordid case of having to pay for green bin collection and green bins. Undoubtedly my case is similar to many others but still the council will not budge!

When the waste bin scheme came into being I opted for a smaller green bin as at that time a large bin was unsuitable.

Now the new scheme is in place I would like a larger bin which I find out will cost me £43.40!

So now I will be paying for a new bin (LARGE) £43.40, monthly collections £29 (annual), the lid when it gets broken, that’s another £43.40!

Also, what happens when bins are not collected? It happened to us twice in three months. Do we get a refund?

So come on council, show us bit of heart, at least let us exchange small greens for large greens free of charge.

Oh, I nearly forgot. I’m a pensioner. Does that help?


Goosegreen Close, Horsham