The litany which should be on the front of the Highway Code

I AM WRITING regarding an article in the WSG June 13, page 4, about ‘Car driving politeness’.

Mrs Ida Cole, whom some older people may remember as a columnist in the 50s on the WSG, ‘A country woman’s diary’ was her regular column.

She had this advice/prayer amongst her papers. It should be printed on the front cover of the Highway Code!

The Motorist’s Litany

From domineering driving : from the vanity of power and the infection of speed :

Good Lord deliver me.

From carelessness and indifference : from the demon

of impatience and the tyranny of time:

Good Lord deliver me.

From ignorance and ungraciousness : from harsh

judgement and the flood of invective: Good Lord deliver me.

From inattention and monotony: from the delusion of drink and the obscurity of fatigue:

Good Lord deliver me.

Grant me a divine courtesy to all. Awake in me an abiding care for the slowness of age, and the

rashness of youth. Let my car be an instrument of Thy purpose, bringing happiness to all who

travel with me, and leaving no man weeping at my passing.


Gemma Odde

Maltravers Street