Supposed to be animal lovers

I cannot believe that it is so hard to get private rented accommodation if you have a pet.

Everytime I phone up an advert and mention I have a dog, the answer is ‘sorry, no pets’.

I have the pleasure of owning a 12 y.o. well behabved rescue dog and all I want is accommodation and be able to have him with me.

I am retired, single and have a dog for companionship who is with me nearly all of the time, but apart from mobile homes, and these only seem to be vacant rarely, there just seems to be a stigma if you own a pet.

It would be hard for him to adjust to a new family at his age, so the only other option I now have, is that if I cannot find accommodation is to have him put down.

I know it will come someday that he will no longer be with me, but its hard to believe that he will be taken from me before his time is actually up.

And we are supposed to be an animal loving nation.

P Gilman