So many have supported school

As you can imagine, everyone at Tanbridge House School is delighted with our recent Ofsted grading of ‘Outstanding’.

I have already written to parents / carers, staff and students in order to express my thanks for their support over the past five years.

It would be remiss of me, however, not to offer such thanks to so many local people who have helped us gain this important accolade.

In particular, it is vital to note the contribution of governors, past and present, who give up so much of their time and expertise to support the school. Chair, Bob Dulieu, is currently assisted superbly by a great team and, in the past, colleagues such as Bill Wilkinson and Don Burstow have given much to the school.

Tom Crowley and his team at Horsham District Council have proved to be proactive in their support, as has Francis Maude MP who has always made time in his busy schedule to visit and assist us wherever possible.

Similarly, West Sussex County

Council has many dedicated staff who work hard to promote the progress and welfare of students and staff at Tanbridge House.

It should also be stressed that Tanbridge House does not work in isolation from other schools.

Locally, we have a wonderful group of primary and secondary school partners who work tirelessly and with great dedication on behalf of all the students in our care.

Horsham and its locale are fortunate to have such quality provision to educate youngsters of all ages and abilities.

Secondary heads from slightly further afield have also given up a great deal of time and skill to support both myself and my Leadership Team.

Here, I am thinking particularly of colleagues such as Jonathan Morris (St Wilfrid’s Catholic School) and Yasmin Maskatiya (Thomas Bennett Community College).

With such significant educational change occurring at present, I plan to write about the importance of structured school-to-school support in the pages of the West Sussex County Times in the not too distant future.

Finally, and at risk of missing out some people who have given so much to our school, I feel that it is appropriate to ‘name and praise’ some key individuals.

In particular, businesses and community groups – large and small – ranging from IBM, BT and Trend to SEMKA Karate, the Youth Support Team, Wabi Restaurant and The Printed Word must be acknowledged.

Gill Buchanan (Swan Walk) and Michael Gattrell at The Capitol have been enormously supportive too.

Thanks must also go to Peter Sutton’s PMW Communications, who have perhaps been the school’s biggest supporter.

Our local media, including the West Sussex County Times, have always sought to see the best in Tanbridge House and report on our progress both accurately and fairly.

On a personal note, the WSCT’s Editor in Chief, Gary Shipton, has proved to be an admirable professional colleague from first to last.

My thanks again, to everyone who has supported our school.


Headteacher, Tanbridge House School, Guildford Road, Horsham