Shame on the party poopers

What a fantastic success this year’s Arundel Festival was, all praise must go to the organisers who did a great job.

It’s a real shame that one or two residents felt the need to scupper the terrific party atmosphere in the Jubilee Gardens by bringing in Environmental Health regulations to close down many of the live acts.

Many festival goers had travelled some distances to enjoy the live music which has always been an important part of the festivities. All credit must go to the organisers who did their best to rectify the situation but unfortunately the damage was done and attendances in the Jubilee Gardens fell away.

As much of the festival funding comes from voluntary ‘bucket change’, the lack of numbers must have shown a significant drop in revenue.

Speaking as an Arundel resident I can assure the disappointed music fans that this action of a few mean-spirited souls have upset many people in this town and do not represent the majority view.

Rick Weeks