Serious about cutting costs?

In his New Year’s message council leader Ray Dawe states that HDC is freezing council tax for the third year, continues to pat himself and the council on the back, then contradicts himself by saying there will be a £29 charge to households that choose to have green waste collected.

This collection has been part of the refuse service to date. Are we to be notified of this increase or will it just creep in on the new council tax bills? If we are to be notified by post this will cost more than the increase because of postal costs. If we are supposed to look it up online the Horsham site does not recognise my postcode although the council tax bill gets here in double time.

Had I not read this in the little press ‘happy new year message’ I guess I would have got a secret increase.

If this service is cut back then fly tipping will increase with a burden on another department.

If the council is serious about cutting costs maybe it should start in-house and have an independent audit of all council computers which are paid for by us taxpayers and see how much time is spent on private use, for example playing solitaire for hours, then maybe further staff could be cut and those remaining would have to work as hard as those in the private sector.


Clapgate Lane, Slinfold