Residents unable to raise concerns

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While the councillors claiming that Horsham is full may well be right about their own areas this knowledge does not absolve them from doing everything in their power to prevent Tesco Ltd in the St Leonard’s area of Horsham.

The threatened development of a store on a prime site for affordable housing is going forward to start in September. According to Tesco’s letter of intent there is no need for planning permission and therefore no opportunity for local residents or their elected representatives to raise any possible concerns they may have.

This letter of intent threatens to blow a very large hole in the Local Development Plan which the council has been painstakingly preparing since the request from the Secretary of State following the Localisation Act in 2011.

Councillors surely must need to consider whose priorities must come first – the Secretary of State’s or Tesco’s?


Secretary, Brighton Road Residents Association, Brighton Road, Horsham