Reason for obesity

WHAT a big difference to the WSG this week! Lots more to read, and better presented. Praise the Lord for the “major investment”.

May I applaud your editorial heading: “We should re-evaluate what we eat” and link it with p.4: “Why office workers will put on a stone in weight…” A: Lack of self-control.

That’s why over half of Americans and many Europeans are either over-weight or obese. And 30% of our kids, too. Criminal.

It’s the parents’ job to plan meals for their children that are balanced, but so many can’t be bothered.

They don’t have the self-discipline to evaluate what they eat.

So they become the workers you write about. When I worked in advertising agencies and publishers there were no snacks – only the tea trolley morning and afternoon.

Managers managed in those days; you came to work to work, not to eat!

John Munro

Westbury Lodge, Arundel