Population growth shock

The WSG on August 8 mentions how the population of England and Wales increased by 7 per cent between 2001 and 2011, to over 56 million.

In fact by just under 4 million people, largely due to immigration – including net immigration.

The largest increase since 1801.

In fact what this hides is the startling fact that the mere increase, is equal to half the whole population of England in 1801.

Any individual estate being planned for the Littlehampton district, including one now envisaged west of the river Arun, could house all the district’s population in 1801 and later.

Anyone who imagines the country was under populated in the 19th century is treading on very dangerous ground.

By 1931 the national population was a sensible enough 40 million, and if this had continued we would not now be having all the housing and other problems that are accumulating.

RW Standing

Sea Road , East Preston