Poem: ‘When the war was over’

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Milton Mount School Year 6 pupil Lucy Cole wrote a poem following a class discussion about Remembrance Day.

Her teacher Miss Winton was so impressed with her work she sent it to the Crawley Observer:

‘When the war was over’

When the war was over

When the guns hit the ground,

When the sun was setting

Over the bodies all around.

Remember the soldiers

Marching, as they say

To give you your tomorrow

We give our today.

Upon the silent battlefield

Where the grass is tainted red,

We will remember the blood

That was unreasonably shed.

The World War had finished

And poppies grew on the fields

The scars of the war

Can never be healed.

So please remember the soldiers

That didn’t die in vain,

And let’s all pray that a World War

Never happens again.

By Lucy Cole.