Poem of the Week

Olympic Games – London 2012.

The opening had well begun;

The world watched, while our starter’s gun,

Boomed out that we’d already won.

Our hopes were high.

So many glorious events.

G.B.’s one Nation making sense.

Pride in each other, quite immense.

Few eyes stay dry.

Daily trials, stripped of all frills.

Minds and bodies in battles of wills.

Great elation and a few spills.

How they do try.

All superb athletes, tall and short.

Some out in front and never caught.

A few ecstatic, others wrought,

As they flash by.

Focusing as each contest nears.

Trained for this moment, for four years.

Realisation, no more fears.

Their time is nigh.

Rhythmic movements and flying feet.

Hearts pound as some win through their heat.

Spectators leaping from their seat.

Some smile, some sigh.

Happiness and respect, the theme.

All countries mingling, eyes agleam.

Were it always so, not just a dream.

Why not, oh! why?

A huge success, planning the key.

A big boost for you – and for me.

Our Nation as one, for Team GB.

Strength in our tie.

Let all of us ask ourselves whether,

We’re best apart, or close together.

Like Team GB, all storms we’ll weather.

Union Jack fly high!

Don Filliston