Ploy to enhance residents’ fitness

Oh joy! Following the rash of roadworks which have ensnared Horsham these last few months, I now note that there will be temporary lights for 20 (!) weeks on Rusper Road between Lemmington Way and Giblets Lane, on this occasion to facilitate work on water mains. Should be fun given the proximity of Littlehaven level crossing and the tailbacks from the A24 during the rush-hour.

In face of this clearly completely unco-ordinated onslaught by the utility companies on the town’s transport system, I have been forced to conclude that this is all a plot by the county council and Horsham District Council to get us out of our cars, off the buses and on to shank’s pony.

This will therefore create a healthier, less obese population and cleaner air in the town (except of course when French factories export ‘le pong’ to our fair land).

This Machiavellian strategy will no doubt be pursued ad infinitum, not least during the construction of the planned mega-housing estate north of the A264.

I think I’ll set up a hot-air balloon company!


Rusper Road, Horsham