Our flag is under threat

Our Olympic Team have brought us all a renewed sense of national pride, and I support the flying of our national flag on all local and national government buildings to celebrate our great nation.

This is under threat however, following a pernicious EU regulation (Article 7 (2) of EC Regulation 1828/2006 which compels EU member states to fly the EU flag outside government buildings.

I believe flag flying should be a pleasure and not a chore.

The European Commission has said that nation states face “financial corrections” if the EU flag is not flown, in other words we will be fined for not flying the EU flag. These types of measures will not provide for greater support for the European Union, and in fact I am sure the public will resent this imposition from Brussels bureaucrats.

This obsession to try and create a European identity via top-down diktats shows how out of touch the Brussels elite are with British people.

I would like to receive your views on the EU flag issue please email me direct at richard.ashworth@europarl.europa.eu.

Richard Ashworth

Conservative MEP for the South East

European Parliament

Rue Wiertz

Brussels B 1047