On-line petitions

YOUR correspondent, Mr Millner-Gulland, demonstrated his lack of appreciation of our governmental processes with his intemperate and ill-considered diatribe in your November 2 issue.

Most dictionaries define Democracy as being ‘Government of the People by the People’. Our American cousins wisely add the suffix ‘And for the People”’.

Petitions raised ‘on-line’ can never be more than a appeal to our representatives that we are still here and that we are concerned about something.

Such concern and actions are perfectly democratic despite Mr Millner-Gulland’s scorn.

The nature of our system is that, having ascended the greasy pole of party politics, those at the top feel entitled to ignore those below unless an election is forthcoming. It is therefore incumbent on the electorate to make its views known firmly but courteously and to use the emerging media to publicise proper causes of concern.

In my opinion, Mr Millner-Gulland’s ‘Put up and shut up’ mentality is, therefore, of itself undemocratic.

Geoffrey Weston

Address supplied