Ode to gulls

Re: ‘Firefighters Rescue Seagulls’ (West Sussex Gazette May 23), this is a poem in appreciation of gulls.

As a species they are often misunderstood. I have had close contact with these lovely birds and admire them greatly.

The Herring Gull

Hoots of elation as their offspring pass

And trumpets of excitement

As they complete their flights tasks.

‘Fly, fly, fly’, urging them on

Teaching their juveniles competence and strong.

Then hunger-sighs while they monitor the air

And anxious quacks at their weariness there.

Landing to feed with caution not greed

Modest rations with appreciation indeed.

Breathtaking beauty both young and old

Oozing charm and charisma

And majesty untold.

Like flying heralders they dance gracefully on high

The Great Maker’s theatre

Exalting the sky.

Liz Taylor

Seeden House

High Salvington