Objections to bid for disused pub

I write, as a local shopkeeper in Elm Grove serving the community some of which are elderly, regarding the plan to turn the disused pub in Brighton Road, Horsham, into a Tesco store.

The main reasons for my objection would be it would take local trade away from the likes of myself and the shop opposite the proposed site, which to my knowledge has been around for 70 years if not more.

Yes there will be extra traffic and safety concerns for the school children. I was told only the other day by an ex-resident of St Leonards Road that the council had enforced delivery times to the Mace store there sometime ago so would that still be the case for Tesco? If so that would cause traffic and safety concerns.

Previously Tesco mentioned in one letter about anti social behaviour around the area. There hasn’t been any around the area for some time (check police records).

They also said customers would come from the 500 metre radius to my knowledge like everyone else has said that is empty fields, also 500 metres going out of Horsham there are no houses, therefore this would take away customers that have been using these two shops away from both of us.

Now if the council does let them go ahead this could put others out of business. Is that what they want? Maybe, because money is always the answer in the council’s eyes.

Like everyone has said the council has always said there is not enough housing so should this not be priority? Also how long before they become 24 hours like the one in Redkiln Way?

Small shops are struggling and trying to make a living in this current economic climate.

I had a petition going and would like to thank everyone who signed it. The petition was delivered to the council on February 26.


Owner, Elm Grove Stores, Elm Grove, Horsham