Noise levels were found to be well above permissible requirements

Re: Amplification of events – Arundel Festival 2012: In response to the three letters published in the West Sussex Gazette on September 5 and before rumours and hearsay get out of hand, some clarification concerning some performances from the Jubilee Gardens during the Arundel Festival might be helpful.

The problem was, and always has been, the degree of amplification used by certain musicians during their performances. Whilst heavily amplified concerts were interspersed by other performers using normal microphonic equipment, the fact remains that over a period of eleven days, approximately ten hours a day of musical events took place, the volume of some exceeded the permissible level of decibels on a number of occasions.

The matter of excessive noise levels has been raised over three years by residents and workers, and whilst some effort was made towards noise reduction, it has not been sufficient. This situation led to the Environment Agency and the Licencing Office to investigate and take decisions that they deemed necessary. To suggest that one or two people were responsible for the cancellations of a concert clearly indicates a lack of background information over the past three years.

During the festival, noise levels were monitored on three separate occasions from Martlets Court, and each time levels were found to be well above permissible requirements. There were at least five residents from the block along with other Arundel residents and traders who complained.

Having knowledge and experience of all the hard work and stress that goes into producing a festival (eight years representing the British Film and Television Producers’ Association at the Cannes Film Festival), the organisers of the Arundel Festival are again to be congratulated. It is just this one problem that has to be addressed. That a concert had to be cancelled certainly gave no pleasure to residents, traders, the organisers, visitors, or the Arun District Council. We can but hope that by next year this situation can be resolved peacefully to everyone’s satisfaction.

Patricia and Andrew Warren

Martlets Court

Queen Street